Monday, 15 June 2009

Terms of Reference

Comments welcome. I suggest mirroring the 'official' whitewash, with key gaps filled in.

This will be quite a job - Hutton and Butler will need to be ploughed through, as well as published Board of Inquiry reports, coroners inquest reports, papers from pressure groups and organisations, and whatever else can be unearthed.

A chronology will be central to the task.

This will also require the input of subject matter experts as well as witnesses.

Anonymity? If requested - certainly.

This could be exciting - I remember the way the Hutton evidence sessions were followed with enormous media interest. In the vacuum of a closed door inquiry, there will be enormous speculation and commentary. Bring it on....

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  1. Have you been following the torture revelations in America? It adds another side to this and it has evidence that is in the public domain. It might help fill in some of the back story to the lead up to Iraq.

    The link below gives a written overview of torture in the US:

    Also the Downing Street memo is one of the few British documents in the public domain:

    Worth noting that from documents released in the US so far the "official green light" for torture can be dated to July 17 2002*, the Downing Street memo is dated July 23 2002.