Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunday 2 August - Commentary

The inquiry is some way off, but the commentators are filling up the column inches. Here's the pick of the day:

Mail on Sunday: reckons the Iraq inquiry will look again at the death of Dr David Kelly. I hope otherwise - the death of Dr Kelly is a matter for a proper inquest, including the unanswered questions in the wake of Hutton.

The Sunday Telegraph: Matthew d'Ancona reckons Blair will slither away unscathed based on his Hutton performance. I hope otherwise - most commentators would probably agree that Blair's evidence was not tested and that Hutton steered clear of many of the matters that Chilcott should be considering. There's more evidence out there now than then, and Blair no longer poses the awkward constitutional position of being prime minister, as he did at the time of Hutton.

Plenty of commentary and the inquiry hasn't even started properly! Long may it continue....

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